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Our Staff


Cam Birtwell, MSc, CSCS

Cam is a professional strength and conditioning coach, gym owner, and nutrition coach with a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology.  He has been working in the fitness industry since 2000 as a personal trainer, team strength coach, and healthy lifestyle consultant.

Working with the Canadian Sport Institute, Cam helped to create the landmark Ignite Sports School.  He also was a lead or assistant strength and conditioning coach for Olympic medal winning rowers and swimmers, in addition to programming and leading sessions for junior and international level triathletes, rugby players, and cyclists.

He has reached high performance levels in three different sports (Rugby, BMX Racing, CrossFit) and recently competed in his first Natural Bodybuilding competition.

Cam will work with you to ensure a professional and efficient body composition assessment and can also help advise you on options for pursuing training and nutrition coaching.

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