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Dexa vs X ONE Pro Scans

In the world of body composition analysis, a significant shift has taken place in the last 15-20 years. The original gold standard of underwater weighing has been replaced by computerized assessment technology - namely MRI, CT, and DEXA scans.

Out of those latter three, the DEXA scan is the most popular for both research and general public applications. It is now widely seen as being the gold standard for body composition assessment due to the combination of accuracy, speed of measurement, and cost it presents.

There is still some error in DEXA scans though, and individual machines need to be calibrated properly to ensure accuracy and reliability. The other issues with DEXA body composition in terms of the general public are that the scans can be expensive out of pocket and there is some exposure to X Ray radiation which limits its use across all populations.

While the dose of X Ray radiation is less than a standard X Ray, it is still significant enough that repeated exposures should be kept to a minimum. This means that DEXA body fat scans should realistically not be used any more than 3-4 times maximum per year, and even this is raising your radiation exposure.

This same reason is why DEXA cannot be used for children or for women who may be pregnant or who are presently pregnant.

At the same time as DEXA machines have become more prevalent, bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) machines have also become more advanced and popular. The main benefits of modern high quality BIA machines over DEXA are the cost per visit, the lack of radiation exposure, and the usefulness across almost all populations.

BIA machines utilize a small amount of electrical current which is safe for people of any age or condition to be exposed to. BIA has been used in research studies with children to people of advanced age with no adverse affects. The only people who cannot receive a BIA scan are those who have artificial joints or have a pacemaker.

So while DEXA is accepted as the gold standard, the modern BIA devices report very high accuracy and reliability, have less cost per scan, and are safer. Currently there is no DEXA in Victoria BC and this also indicates that the X ONE PRO scan we offer is the best option for objective information about your body fat, muscle mass, and overall body composition.

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