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Body Composition Ouput

Your DEXA Body Composition Scan will detail many data points on your current structure, including visceral fat mass, whole body bone density, muscle mass (and R-L comparisons), resting metabolic rate, BMI, and more. 

See the images below for samples of some of the data you will get from each scan.  Keep in mind that the trajectories of your various tissues are even more important than a single measurement.  

Over time and a series of measurements, you'll get the valuable information you need to maximize your performance, health, and longevity!
Sample 1 below shows a summary of percent bodyfat, total mass, fat mass, soft lean mass (muscles and organs), bone mass, and visceral fat mass
DEXA scan sample crop.png
Sample 2 is an analysis of whole body bone density.  Note that this is not the medical grade assessment for risk of osteopenia / osteoporosis.  This scan is a general assessment of whole body bone health and is not a replacement for a medically supervised bone density scan. 
DEXA sample 3 crop.png
Sample 3 details the complete body composition breakdown of all the segments of the body, including detailed percent bodyfat for each region, lean mass, bone mass, and total fat free mass.  Here we can compare right and left side muscle mass in the legs and arms. 
DEXA Scan sample 2 crop.png
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