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DEXA Body Composition
Comprehensive DEXA Scan

Optimize your health, performance, and longevity with accurate data points about all aspects of your body composition.  The scan report includes comprehensive bodyfat assessment, visceral fat measurement, whole body bone density, segmental muscle mass, resting metabolism and more. 

This appointment includes explanation of your scan relevant to your health and fitness goals as well as a pdf report of your results.


45 minute appointment

Single Visit:  $159+gst

BIA Body Composition
Comprehensive BIA Scan

Ideal for high frequency measurements (every 4-8 weeks), our medical grade BIA test will determine muscle mass, body water, fat mass, percent bodyfat, visceral fat index, and estimated Basal metabolic rate.

This appointment includes explanation of your scan relevant to your health and fitness goals as well as a pdf report of your results.


30 minute appointment

Single Visit:  $60+gst

Training and Nutrition
Ongoing Full Service Training & Nutrition

THE plan to set yourself up to hit your fitness goals in record time.

Receive full weekly training plans, including strength and energy system/aerobic work.  Targeted macros and and calories are included, as well as unlimited text and email contact with your coach to keep you on track. 


This plan includes two DEXA scans per 3 month period, 10% discount on supplements, and an initial 60 minute appointment to discuss your goals and present fitness level.

3 month minimum required, custom pricing


We are located inside the JustMove Training Studio at 771 Vernon Ave, Unit 505.  This is part of the Gateway Village plaza, so you can stop off for a Starbucks or Yoshi Sushi after your appointment.


Email us and we'll get right back to you!   

  • How long does a DXA scan take?
    Our DXA scan takes between 6 to 12 minutes to complete. During this time, you will be asked to lie on a flat table while a scanner arm moves over your body to capture images. Your appointment booking time is 45 minutes. This includes the scan, analysis, immediate results and discussion of your data.
  • How does metal inside the body affect the scan?
    Metal inside the body will be added as bone and will be consistent from scan to scan and comparative results will be valid.
  • What is a DEXA / DXA scan?
    Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA or DXA) is the gold standard for measuring body fat. This test measures body fat, muscle mass, whole body bone density, visceral fat, resting metabolic rate, and ALMI / RSMI (measures of muscularity) It is safe, simple, & painless. Your scan will take between 6 and 12 minutes – a small X-ray scanner called a densitometer takes a picture of the total body while you lie still on your back on the scan bed. The radiation from this test is minimal – about 1/20th of a chest x-ray. In simpler terms, it is less than a one-way flight from Toronto to Vancouver or less than a daily dose of natural background radiation. Our clinic uses the best DEXA / DXA machine available for body composition testing: The Lunar Prodigy Advance by GE.
  • How do I prepare for my DEXA scan?
    On the day of your Scan: Consume your normal amount of fluid (don't overhydrate) Don’t consume a very fatty meal right before the meal - this can affect visceral fat assessment Do not exercise strenuously within 2 hours of your test; you can do so after the Scan, as some people can lose a lot of fluid during their exercise program. Please wear comfortable clothing with minimal metal (specifically aim to avoid denim and clothing with zippers, buttons, or wire bras). Any additional metal items such as your glasses, hair pins, and rings should be removed before the Scan. A T-shirt with shorts or jogging pants is ideal for the procedure. Any metal inside the body (metal plates, pins, screws, metal prosthetic joints) or piercing that can’t be removed will be consistent from one Scan to the next and added to the amount of body composition. We can still scan you if you have metal that can’t be removed. If you have had any of these tests this week, please reschedule for 6 weeks to allow no interference: Barium Enema, Contrast MRI, or CAT Scan & Nuclear Medicine Tests. Follow-Up Studies: Keep a similar routine 24 hrs before your baseline test, i.e., Eat, exercise, hydrate at the same time & try to come at similar times of the day as your last Scan Follow-Up Scan is recommended in 3-4 months to monitor your muscle mass and body fat loss & see if your plan works.
  • Is the DEXA scan covered by insurance?
    You will have to contact your insurance provider regarding coverage. If you have a healthcare spending account, the cost may be reimbursed. Look for coverage that describes "nutritionist" or "nutrition counseling" or "health counseling".
  • How does hydration affect a DEXA scan?
    It is best to have normal hydration levels for the scan. Water is not fat or bone mineral content and is thus added to lean tissue. If one is extremely dehydrated or fasting for long periods prior to the scan, then this can reduce the total lean tissue values. If one is extremely hydrated, then this can increase the lean tissue values.
  • Who should not get a DEXA scan?
    We cannot do the test if you are currently pregnant or could possibly be pregnant. If you had a dye (contrast media) injected from a CT or MRI procedure; any GI series; a barium study; or a radioisotope injection in the past week, please reschedule in 3 weeks as these substances may interfere with the test results.
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