know your body!


Our quick, accurate, and non invasive testing gives you the FULL picture of your body composition.  The X ONE PRO that we use has the latest in Bio Electrical Impedance and 3d scanning technology, supplying 98% accuracy versus the gold standard DEXA machine.
Measurements include muscle mass and fat mass comparisons between all four limbs, trunk visceral fat measurement (a vital indicator of cardiovascular risk), BMI, and basal metabolic rate.  Our advanced protocol also assess postural issues using the specialized cameras and software on the X ONE PRO.

Take control of your health, fitness, and performance by knowing exactly where you stand and how your body is changing over time.  Step off the scale and onto the X ONE PRO!


Base Body Composition

A great way to track the effects of you exercise and nutrition plan!  Quickly and accurately get a picture of your body composition, including fat mass, fat free mass, and BMI.  You will get a breakdown of where your body stores fat and any muscular imbalances.

Includes explanation of your scan and a PDF document emailed to you.  


30 minute appointment

Single Visit:  $60+gst

Body Composition Plus

All of the measurements included in our Base Body Composition, PLUS: 

  • Postural assessment using the X ONE PRO's advanced camera postural system... helping identify issues that can affect your health and performance.

45 minute appointment

Single Visit:  $90+GST


We are located inside the JustMove Fitness & Nutrition studio at 771 Vernon Ave, Unit 505.  This is part of the Gateway Village plaza, so you can stop off for a Starbucks or Yoshi Sushi after your appointment.

Questions?  Email us and we will follow up!